My wife Pam and I own Twin Town Creative, a full service video production company located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

I’ve written, produced, directed, shot, edited and scored thousands of videos over the past 35 years, many for Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve wanted to be in television since I first watched Captain Kangaroo in second grade. I even met Bob Keeshan, the captain himself.

My company provided production services for “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (and more importantly, I own one of the original “demon dogs” from the show.)

I bought the first digital editing system in Minnesota.

I’ve written over 250 songs and produced ten CDs of original music.

I began my video career the same year portable broadcast cameras and 3/4 inch tape were introduced. You’ll have to look up the date.

I can never decide which I like better, video or music. So I do both.

I have three daughters, 1 1/2 years apart. The last two were twins.

I plan to continue producing videos until I’m 92.