Production Values Matter!

As I discussed in the last post, each video you produce should present a story. There’s no better way to hold someone’s attention than to wrap them up in a good tale. When I produce and direct projects, I always pay close attention to the story-line. Whether, it’s a live-action scripted video meant for broadcast, a high-end marketing piece, a documentary, an industrial or training video, I’m always aware of the video’s ultimate message.

It’s also important that in no way should production values get in the way of keeping the viewers’ attention. Effective programs benefit from qualified filmmakers with high expectations. They include scriptwriters who can create absorbing scripts, well-prepared producers to put all the elements together, solid directors who know how to set up scenes and bring the best out of every participant, imaginative cinematographers, crew members with excellent audio and lighting skills and editors who bring emotion to the story. Like the people who sit behind you in a movie theater and talk throughout the feature, viewers dislike distractions. They are also used to watching extremely well made programs on broadcast television, cable and the various streaming services.